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Software Solutions for the Media & Entertainment Industry

By making no effort to limit your content across devices such as web, mobile, TV, wearables, and connected devices, you can provide an omnichannel and engaging experience to your viewers.

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We assist you in:

Test product ideas

Utilize our Discover & Frame workshop to validate ideas and process them into specifications. With our data-driven approach to design, you can pursue ideas that have true business value and that can lead to profitable revenue.

Transform software product vision into reality

Develop your most complex software requirement with our full-cycle software engineering services. With 1000+ projects completed in 14.5 years, Daffodil is fully equipped to bridge ideas from the whiteboard through UI/UX design, programming, testing, integration & maintenance, and product sustainability.

Deliver an omni-channel experience

Media content can be delivered across devices with a seamless user experience wherever the customer is regardless of which device he or she is using.

We assist you in:


Put data to work for you

Develop custom dashboards that work with structured or unstructured data to identify new business opportunities. We can assist you with identifying relevant patterns, interpreting the patterns, and presenting the results visually so you can see them.

Tap into new digital channels

Our solutions help you realize seamless flexibility across multiple digital platforms such as mobile, web, wearable, wireless and attached devices and so your audiences can access your content from anywhere.

Our Media & Entertainment Solutions Include:

OTT Platforms

Provide engaging multimedia content to your viewers across devices such as web, mobile, smart TV, and other media streaming devices with a comprehensive suite of services to help you manage, deliver, and monetize your OTT content.

Media Streaming Applications

Web and mobile application development delivered on-time integrating multi-platform broadcasting and streaming for music and AV on demand.

Live Streaming Platforms

By providing seamless streaming video and audio solutions regardless of the device, the resolution, or the bandwidth, you can enable a highly interactive site experience for your users.

Software Maintenance & Support

Ensure your media streaming and CMS applications are run at maximum performance through caching techniques, CDN optimization, Ajax modules, and other optimization measures

Custom CMS Solutions

Managing, delivering, and monetizing your content is made easier than ever with our product suite.

Global workforce to accelerate your business.

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