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Internet of Things (IoT)Development Services

IoT solutions simplify business processes by providing companies with data-driven intelligence from connected things, people, and devices

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Making disruptors able to

Establish a market for IoT products

Besides validating IoT concepts, our Discover & Frame workshop helps you to turn ideas into requirements that can generate profitable revenue. The data-driven proof of concept enables you to pursue projects with real business value.

Transform product dreams into reality

Our full-cycle IoT development services allow you to take your most complex IoT solution from conception to reality. Pyramids has already developed over 20 IoT solutions that integrate data from a wide array of sensors and devices, and that leverage relevant context in real-time.

Helping Disruptors to


Streamline operations

With IoT enabled devices like beacons, RFID sensors, GPS devices, you can unify your core business operations across multiple locations.

Transform data into insights

Identify and develop new business opportunities through custom software solutions that handle structured or unstructured data. We provide insights and reports on how to interpret, communicate, and visualize relevant and useful patterns in data.

Our IoT Development Services

IoT Strategy & Advisory

Ensure efficient and effective solution advisory for your IoT needs emphasizing on best industry practices. Get expert consultation in defining the problem statement and solutions on solution blueprint.

Wearable Technology

Develop wearable-optimized IoT devices that are intended for multiple industries. We have the expertise in development to ensure the seamless collaboration between wearable devices and other IoT devices.

IoT Application Development

Build, test and deploy IoT applications from the ground up using Business Intelligence software. Consolidate and analyze data with our Business Intelligence services to generate actionable insights.

System Integration

Make data-backed decisions with rich data visualization and real-time data flow with IoT enabled devices. Improve decision making with predictive analytics and customer feedback solutions.

Intralogistics Solutions

A cost-effective solution to intralogistics and asset tracking, with robust and interconnected IoT devices, that will help your company achieve reduced risk, improved ROI, and generate new revenue models by tracking your assets in real time.

IoT Solution Testing

Ensure a flawless user experience by building robust and bug-free IoT applications. Provide IoT application development services on an outsourced basis.

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