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IT Support Helpdesk

With a highly trained technical product help desk, Pyramids Consultants offers clients a single point of contact for the help they need with a wide range of technology issues.

We provide IT support across the Globe.

Our aim is to provide you with the best possible services and resolve your IT issues as quickly as possible.

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When you contact support, the helpdesk : 

1.All IT support requests will be handled by a single point of contact

2.Technically proficient and experienced mechanics and technicians are required for all levels of support

3.Manage problems through careful problem resolution and escalation procedures that are closely monitored and controlled

4.Provide a unique identifier to each request/issue with our Professional Services Automation software (PSA), which enables project tracking and client updates for each job.

5.Technical support for Pyramids

6.Ensure service level agreements (SLAs) are met

All our support staff are here to assist you every day. From the helpdesk we can dispatch engineers to your premises to resolve any issues that may not be resolved remotely.

You can take advantage of this comprehensive IT help desk service to get up and running as soon as possible.


Working in a service desk environment requires an individual who is able to adapt quickly. Our engineers work quickly, but give you the highest level of care and priority per your request.

Our help desk engineers provide the following from time to time:

  1. The words you need, in plain English, are straight forward about how they arrive at their destination.
  2. Clear communication on the issues, in regards to the number of resolutions, response times, and callbacks.
  3. A feedback request will be sent after your request is closed with a question relating to your experience.


First level: engineers deal with most of the most common questions and handle all support requests that require advanced knowledge.

Second level: engineers possess specialized knowledge that is required to handle complicated queries. 

Third level: engineers possess the most advanced skills in the technology and are the final escalation point when more serious or complicated issues arise.

A proactive approach is employed at Pyramids Helpdesk, with engineers working with our no-repair team to resolve problems.

The helpdesk resolves over 93% of all technician issues remotely, eliminating the need for an onsite visit. Your issues are solved more quickly, with less disruption to your business.

Global workforce to accelerate your business.

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