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Enabling organizations to

Streamline Legacy Applications

With no downtime, get the same software your business relies on, but with reduced maintenance costs.

Automate Processes

Utilize data-driven software solutions to automate your business processes and yield hyper-growth with efficiency at a large scale.

Enabling organizations to


Reduce Operational Costs

Optimize your processes and reduce software infrastructure costs by leveraging DevOps and Cloud.

Innovate with newer technologies

Exploring PoCs around your application allows you to see how new and innovative technologies like Blockchain, RPA, and AI can impact your business.

       We offer a number of Digital Transformation Services. 

IoT Integration

With Daffodil, we provide integrated IoT solutions which deliver actionable insights from online and connected devices. We enable businesses to enhance efficiency and customer experience.

Experience Design

Throughout our process of software development, our teams consider the user journey a key component, helping deliver the best possible omnichannel experiences for our end users.

Digital Enablement

Build agility to respond to rapidly changing market demands by modernizing your legacy applications and processes and enabling digitization that will enhance customer experiences.

Cloud Adoption

Get a secure, flexible, and automated cloud infrastructure with our managed cloud services. Integrate your current infrastructure with cloud and experience a cost-effective, flexible and resilient IT environment.

Intelligent Process Automation

With custom-built enterprise software, you can improve the efficiency of your everyday processes. Our services include modernizing, up-grading, integrating, and connecting existing web interfaces to legacy systems.

Global workforce to accelerate your business.

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