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It's not about us; it's all about your business's SUCCESS. It's about how we make your business dreams come true, how we supercharge your business. We have values, mission, but we are much focused towards doubling your business profits, reducing your workloads, building an anti-fragile team and giving you clarity about everything that makes you stand out. Whatever the problem is stopping you from keeping up with the pace, whether there exist productivity challenges, IT infrastructure issues, you have less understanding of hiring the right talent, or you are dealing with attrition or misfit due to wrong hiring, our strategies for long-term growth never fails. A great business thrives in teams, and we love to do that. Implement our tactics to bulletproof your business and make a difference. And don't worry about the challenges.

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Dev founded Pyramids. Dev is a serial entrepreneur, GTM Expert and Tech enthusiast. He is the strategy and marketing guy on the team.


Irfan is a Successful Serial Entrepreneur with four different ventures, Irfan has over a decade’s experience in Global Recruitment Industry supporting multiple niches, product development companies hiring and has helped multiple clients build their technology and sales teams from scratch.

Irfan has a particular interest in People Business and has been very actively engaging as a mentor and guide to many Large, SMB & Startups businesses, to help them build anti-fragile teams.


Nimesh is the “tech-pundit” in team Pyramids. A deep understanding of IT-Infrastructure tools, Virtualization, Cloud and Security domains has given a remarkable ingenuity. Internationally recognized credentials – “Microsoft Certified Trainer” & “Ec-Council Certified Instructor” to his name is a seal of proficiency.

Nimesh’s passion for technology and its implementation makes him an ideal mentor of IT- Technologies.

Vim Paran

Vim Paran has two decades of IT experience ranging from technical support, software development to global delivery, sales, project & program management. Vim is a Distinguished Toastmaster & has the honor of being a keynote speaker in conferences and industry forums. In pursuit of excellence, she enjoys mentoring teams on various subjects.

“Our greatest asset, and the key to our success, is our people. We believe that each of us needs a sense of dignity, pride and satisfaction in what we do.”

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