Online Training

Learning on-the-go

Are you too busy in your job to enroll for a regular course? Are you enthusiastic to begin learning after a long gap? Whatever may be the cause, online learning solutions from Pyramids Consultants is here to instill the knowledge bug in you.

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What is it?

We have an online portal where you can get all the study material once you enroll. There are various kinds of professional courses taught here by experienced and expert academicians and corporate trainers. We also provide training through a virtual platform to our corporate clients.

Why Choose Our Online Training?

There are several reasons why you should go for the online courses from Pyramids Solutions. Besides presenting the opportunity to learn anywhere, anytime, we have made it a complete package of learning by helping you
  • [ A ]Engage in self-study- Our online learning portal helps you study all by yourself. It has ample amount of resources and study material for reference and hence you are relieved of buying expensive books and getting notes from tutorials. Moreover, you can get the recorded audios and videos of the previous classes and hence even if you miss any, you can go back and checkout the recordings anytime.
  • [ B ]Interact with fellow students- Group study is always effective and we offer you a virtual group study platform at our portal. Chat and call your mates through our chat tool to get instant help and suggestions. You can even chat privately through this tool and get together at the virtual laboratory to try out new things and get hands-on experience.
  • [ C ]Get instant help from trainers- If you are stuck somewhere during the training, you can virtually raise your hand and ask questions through chats. Trainers have the accessibility to control the participants and audio; making the class more disciplined and streamlined. Last but not the least; you can even present documents, presentations, videos and PDF files by sharing your desktop during sessions.

How We Ensure Quality Training?

Quality training require quality teachers and we ensure the same by carefully choosing the best professionals as trainers. We have a structured approach to choose our trainers. We choose by
  • Step 1: Ask the trainer select course as per his specialization.
  • Step 2: Request the trainer to provide a demo session of the course on our virtual platform.
  • Step 3: Constant monitoring of the live training sessions to ensure quality learning.
  • Step 4: Prompt response to requirements of the learners during the session or afterwards.

Offline Training

Now, if you have some time in your hand or you are looking for a face to face interaction with the trainers and your class mates you may opt for regular professional courses which are taught at our institutes. We also provide training sessions at corporate houses and colleges.
Hence, quench your thirst of knowledge with our wide range of professional just with few clicks.

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