Mobility & Web Solutions

Emerging technology trends offer agility, flexibility, speed, scalability to customers businesses and with ever increasing platform diversity in today’s technology environment, It is easy to lose track of priorities and managing critical IT operations and infrastructure has become extremely complicated and resource intensive.

SigniTeq provides its customers with the much needed flexibility to manage their diverse enterprise IT environment and leave the day-to-day operations to our experienced teams.

We make sure our customers IT environment is continuously protected against threats and issues, enabling our customers to focus on their core business functions and ultimately maximize their revenue growth.

Pyramids Managed IT Services portfolio include — but are not limited to — the following


Whether you are looking to design your applications around your business ecosystem or transition your legacy systems to todays hyper-fast and highly competitive environment, our portfolio includes , service design consulting, and transitions, IT process automation, IT optimization through simplification and rationalization, production engineering and middleware support, application servers and web servers, configurations and management, and non-production environment management.


We transform and manage critical IT infrastructure and networks more efficiently, integrating infrastructure and applications as a single, seamless entity to achieve optimal performance of our customers IT landscape, and ensure customers are continuously protected against threats and issues, enabling high- complexity delivery, customer satisfaction, and innovative solutions.


We can manage your assets and devices across the infrastructure, network to provide a single point of contact, with round the clock monitoring and ensure high availability. We provide highly scalable and responsive service delivery model for effective process improvement, improved end user experience, productivity improvement and optimized performance from medium to long term.


We offer a focused and innovative answer to your search for performance. We offer our expertise in the operation of business processes and functions, in part or in full. We enable you to optimise operations, rationalise costs and introduce greater flexibility in the management of certain functions. This makes our business process offering a real lever for transformation, while ensuring your company to focus on its core business.