About Us

About Company

Pyramids Skilltech Pvt. Ltd. is a trusted name that has expertise in training & innovative manpower solutions since 2007. We, at Pyramids, take pride to announce our organization as one of the technologically advanced and reputed company in the present market, which is dynamically turning global.
The world is moving advanced at a lightning speed, as a result of which the human resources are increasingly challenged to support the demanding needs of each growing as well as established companies. It has been our continuous endeavour to keep up with these challenges. We are a group to motivated teams, enjoy to prepare and present ourselves ready to define and solve all solutions that are demands of the hour.
Our mission is to provide the best to allow companies more agility and time to do what they do best – focus on their core business. We have cutting edge solutions for manpower, that look into the need of IT solutions of both small and large scale companies, helping them be at par with global businesses using advanced technology and infrastructure.
Apart from that we also offer training services to clients both in conventional classroom and online formats. We have built a robust online learning platform which also has an ERP to support trainee eco-system. We have delivered cutting-edge technology courses using this platform to large organizations. The learning platform also has a cloud lab facility for seamless integration of hands-on practice for participants during/ after the training program.
As we believe in creating an environment of mutual growth, we have realized the importance of skill development and upgradation. We thereby offer a number of courses that are available for campus to corporate areas amalgamated with excellent hands-on skills. Life skills and capacity building training is also available for participants who dream to successfully integrate into modern society or contribute in a meaningful way to their employers.
With our endeavour to address work-force supply-chain challenges faced by the industry, at Pyramids we have designed innovative resource offering solutions as Ready Bench Hiring, Time & Money (T&M) hiring, Hire/Train/Deploy (HRD), Workforce Engagement, Workforce Skill Upgradation, Project based Short-Term Hiring
These innovative solutions will make the organizations more agile, flexible and scalable, so that the organizations can focus more on their core business. More importantly one can have a customizable pool to draw the needed services on time demand.

Our Objectives

We promise valuable output through smarter technology.

Our objective is to provide our learners with a quality service that is measurable and cost effective. We provide online and conventional training solutions that meet the evolving needs of the market through a user-friendly platform where individuals can educate themselves in their own pace and flexible time with enough available resources and live training.

Our integrated learning platform coupled with industry experienced trainers along with remote lab connectivity can offer training solutions on various technologies covering wide spectrum of infrastructure and software tools, thereby supporting multi-location spread of participants.

In addition to the above features, our integrated learning platform also has capability of scheduled/ unscheduled assessments to measure effectiveness of training programs delivered / ongoing. This will not only help the client understand training efficacy, but also help in terms of RoI of training spend.